Please don’t do this… (article and video inside)

Synopsis below- see this article for more details.

Recently, a 24-year-old female hiker narrowly avoided disaster when she was rescued from a 300-foot cliff in Topanga by a helicopter crew from the Los Angeles County Sherrif’s Department.  According to reports, she was encouraged by a male hiking partner to attempt to descend the cliff, but soon realized that they had made a grave mistake.  Although the man was able to climb back up to attempt to get help, poor cell phone reception in the area led to the woman being stuck for over two hours in a sitting position in a small hollow in the sandstone cliff.  Fortunately, Sherrif’s department personnel were able to lower via cable from a helicopter, get a harness on the woman, and raise her to safety.

Instead, please come visit one of our stores and talk to our staff!  We can provide you with excellent resources on where to hike, set you up with the appropriate gear if you want to take up rock climbing, and can refer you to expert local guides that can help you learn the skills to get out climbing on your own.

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