Indescribably beautiful; video of a trek across Iceland

When deciding how to title a blog posting, one typically strives to use adjectives that will drive people to click through and read the rest of the post.  So, you wind up with titles full of words like “Amazing”, “Stunning”, “Jaw-dropping”, “Gorgeous”, or “Mind-blowing”.  The internet being what it is, in many cases these words have lost much of their meaning as a result of too-frequent and often undeserved usage.  I too have done this, although I personally do not regret doing so, because I only post things about which I am genuinely enthusiastic.  However, sometimes you come across something so incredible that you wish you’d been more restrained in the past so that your superlatives have retained their power and can give your subject their deserved respect.  I feel a bit like the boy who cried wolf- not that there wasn’t a wolf previously, but suddenly a wolf the size of a blue whale has appeared and there is no means to adequately convey its magnitude.

Anyway- I hope that you will watch this, as I and the few others I have shared it with found it to be so remarkable.  The video stars and was shot and edited by Austrian Klara Harden.  In 2011 she embarked an a solo hike across Iceland.  This video tells the story of her journey.  Please ensure HD is enabled and you are viewing full-screen, this is worth your time and attention.


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