Climbing videos from Smith Rock, OR

When I first started climbing, I lived in Boise, ID, and took advantage of the many toprope-able routes at the Black Cliffs outside town.  Once I started gaining skill and strength and learned to lead, my first real climbing road trip was to Smith Rock, about 6 hours to the west.  I’ve made many pilgrimages there since, including my honeymoon.  So, because of my nostalgia for the area, here’s a few videos of climbers’ exploits at Smith.

12-year old(!) Drew Ruana on Vicious Fish (5.13d) at Smith Rock

Micah and Nolan Bishop on Chain Reaction (5.12c), Toxic (5.11b), and Heresy (5.11c).

Tara Reynvaan on Times Up (5.13a/b), a classic from Smith Rock State Park, Oregon.

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