Hobie’s new ultimate fishing kayak

In June 2012, a new kayak will be available from Hobie and Nomad Ventures.  The Mirage Pro Angler 12 is purpose-built for angling, and has unique hull shape that gives it a 500-lb. capacity and exceptional stability that allows stand-up fishing.

This new kayak builds on the success of the original Pro Angler, but is lighter (by 18 lbs fully rigged) and more compact (1′ 8″ shorter than the original).  Even more exciting are some impressive features and refinements:

-Although standing in the Pro Angler 12 is done with ease, much of the time you’ll be sitting in the boat, which is where the new Vantage seating system comes in.  Featuring a full seat-back and padded armrests, the Vantage seat also allows you to adjust the lumbar support with the turn of a dial.

This video gives a detailed run-down of the new seating system:


-The boat is prewired for Lowrance marine electronics, allowing the installation of a fish finder with no need to drill holes.  As a result, it’s very easy to mount your transducer, and you will receive the most accurate readings.


-Just aft of the comfortable carry handle at the bow is a large front hatch featuring a removable liner.


-The boat’s center hatch is specially modified with what Hobie calls a “pivoting tackle management system”, which accepts two medium Plano tackle boxes that extend upward and toward the seat when the hatch is opened.  There is additional storage for two large Plano boxes under the seat.

Because the Pro Angler 12 is a Mirage-series kayak, it will come with the Hobie MirageDrive, which uses a reciprocating pedal system to drive fins.  This allows you to go faster, farther, and longer, and you can do it all with your fishing pole in hand.  Direction is controlled with either of two steering handles, one on each side of the seat.  For more on the MirageDrive, see here.

For a complete run-down of this boat’s features, check out this video:

To learn more about the Pro Angler 12, or to arrange a demo of the boat, contact our Escondido store at (760) 747-8223.


2 responses to “Hobie’s new ultimate fishing kayak

  1. I want it!

  2. Where can I buy this?

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