San Diego-area climbers remove graffiti from Mt. Woodson

Late last month, a group of San Diego climbers worked to remove a huge graffiti “10” from a highly visible boulder on Ramona’s Mt. Woodson.  The graffiti first appeared in 2010 at the end of the school year, and a huge “11” appeared on the opposite side of the road last year.  Hoping to break the cycle of annual tagging and avoid a 12 this year, Chris Lindner, Sean Arlantico, Shane Rock, Nate Claycomb, Samuel Vandegrift, and Myles Vandegrift used a biodegradable chemical called Taginator (donated by Allied Climbers of San Diego) to scrub the rock clean. 

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They carried nearly seventy lbs. of water, 2 bottles of Taginator, 5 wire brushes, 2 extension poles, 2 ropes, and all of their climbing gear on the 25 minutes hike up to the rock.  At the end of the day, the boulder was restored to its original condition, and this will hopefully help prevent future defacement of the rock on Mt. Woodson.  The climbing community of San Diego owes them their thanks!

“Please don’t do this cause I like nature.”  Exactly.


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