Tragic weekend on Mt. Everest

Image by 3D RealityMaps

Update:  Sadly, the number of fatalities has increased to four.  This story has been picked up by the mainstream media- a more detailed report can be found at 

Planetmountain has reported that tragedy struck this past Saturday on Mt. Everest, as three climbers have lost their lives on the South Face.  A sudden storm hit the mountain on Saturday afternoon, although exhaustion and altitude sickness are also cited as factors in some of the deaths.  An additional two climbers remain missing, while others including 6 suffering from frostbite were evacuated by helicopter.  Italian mountaineer Simone Moro is credited with assisting the helicopter evacuations from Camp 2.

The day prior (May 18), Swiss alpinist Ueli Steck and Sherpa Tenzing reached the summit of Mt. Everest.  The summit is Steck’s first, following an unsuccessful attempt in 2010 in which he was forced to retreat due to frostbitten feet.

You can read the entire story on Planetmountain.


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