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Adventure Climbing on Venezuala’s Incredible Tepuis

Tepuis are table top mountains found primarily in Venezuela; many people are probably familiar with them thanks to the 2009 film Up, much of which is set among the tepuis.  For a brief glimpse of why tepuis are so remarkable, see this short video clip from the TV series Planet Earth:

Because the tepuis are massive, remote, fascinating, and typically composed of sandstone, it’s easy to understand why they would be attractive to climbers.  So, in February 2012 Sean Villanueva, Nicolas Favresse, Stephane Hanssens, and Jean-Louis Wertz set out for an epic 45-day push to establish new routes on Amuri Tepui, which features a 600 meter overhanging wall.  During their time there they endured a four-day approach (and here I’ve been complaining of anything over an hour!), some monster fauna (including spiders ON THE WALL), a 130-foot whipper, and some nasty rope burn.

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I’ve posted a few pictures here, but I really hope you’ll check out their website and/or Facebook page, where you can read all the details of their trip and view many more photos.

5/4/12 Update:

Click here for a more detailed account of the group’s adventures by climber Nico Favresse.