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Why you should wash your down gear

Did you know that washing that grimy down jacket is easier than you think? Washing your down gear extends the life of the product, and its ability to keep you warm. Here’s an article from Outdoor Research we wanted to share with you about how to wash down gear (also applies to sleeping bags).

Don’t forget: All of our stores carry Nikwax products, like Down wash and Down proof, to help you get your precious pieces clean.


We look forward to seeing you!


Upcoming event- March 3rd: Climbing Shoe Demo at Joshua Tree

On March 3, we’ll be hosting our annual climbing shoe demo at our Joshua Tree store.  Reps from every shoe brand we carry will have shoes available to demo; simply pick up shoes between 8-11am and bring them back by 6pm.

The demo is free, we just ask that you leave a deposit that we’ll return after you bring back the shoes.  If you have any questions, please call our Joshua Tree store at (760) 366-4684

PDF version of this poster available here.

Petzl’s Holiday Safety Notice

You know the nifty little instruction and warning labels that are usually attached to new climbing hardware?  You know, the ones that are usually printed in microtext and folded into a tiny, dense pellet?  The good folks at Petzl have decided that it’s best to ensure the safety of old Saint Nick, and have designed a special version just for his use.  Enjoy- and Happy Holidays from all of us at Nomad Ventures!

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