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Sasha DiGiulian on her Future in Climbing

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Sasha DiGiulian was recently profiled in The Washington Post; it’s an excellent article, and features DiGiulian discussing how she got started in climbing and her plans for the future.

Raw footage of Sasha DiGiulian on Era Vella (5.14d/9a), in Margalef, Spain.
The completed film will be featured in Reel Rock 7 this fall.

‘Starting next month, that focus will be more important than ever as she begins college. She hopes to study sports business, and she’d like to be more involved in student life than she was in high school — to be as “normal” a college student as possible. She’ll also be the only freshman who returns from a World Cup event in Munich for orientation, flies to Paris for a week of climbing, comes back to school for a week before flying to a Seattle event, returns for a week at Columbia and then flies to Atlanta for another World Cup competition.

“It’s this mental battle, because I keep convincing myself that everything will work out fine,” DiGiulian says, “that I’ll be training religiously and be at all the competitions, but at the same time, I know Columbia will be quite rigorous. Sometimes I’m completely fine, but then I’ll go through spurts — like the other night, it hit me, and I got really nervous. I don’t know how I’m going to do it.

“Most of my competitors, in the World Cup circuit especially, are just climbing,” DiGiulian adds. “But I decided to go back to school. Because I know that, in the long term, I can’t be a climber forever.”’


Video: Wild Country Crack School- Episode 4

This episode of Wild Country Crack Schools addresses the skills needed to succeed at climbing offwidths.

Video: Wild Country Crack School- Episode 3

This episode of the Wild Country Crack School series covers everyone’s favorite (not really), fist jams.


Video: Wild Country Crack School- Episode 2

This episode of Wild Country Crack School covers hand cracks.

Mind-blowing timelapse photography of Yosemite

Shawn Reeder is a photographer and filmmaker who has recently released this gorgeous new film, Yosemite Range of Light.


Shawn writes:

“Yosemite, the High Sierra, and the Eastern Sierra are some of the most beautiful places on earth.  Ever since I serendipitously won a trip to Yosemite when I was 18, the beautiful Range of Light has captured my heart and become my home.  Nothing brings me more joy than to share this life changing beauty with others.  Ever since I became fascinated with timelapse photography almost 2 years ago, I’ve wanted to do a piece on Yosemite & the Sierra.  Now after almost two years of shooting, I’m thrilled to share it with you.  I hope you enjoy my vision of my home, the majestic Yosemite & Sierra.”

In the same way that it would be a shame to view Yosemite through a cardboard tube and wearing earplugs, it would be a shame to view this video without HD full screen and sound.  Enjoy!

Video: Record-setting alpinist Ueli Steck demonstrates some hard mixed climbing

Ueli Steck is one of the best-known mountaineers of our time, made famous by his many achievements, including first ascents in the Himalaya  and most notably his record-shattering speed ascent of the north face of Switzerland’s Eiger in 2008.  (The excellent film The Swiss Machine chronicles Steck’s quest for the Eiger record; a trailer for the film can be seen here.)  In this video, he explains his plans for future climbs, and climbs some breathtaking overhanging mixed terrain.

Climbing videos from Smith Rock, OR

When I first started climbing, I lived in Boise, ID, and took advantage of the many toprope-able routes at the Black Cliffs outside town.  Once I started gaining skill and strength and learned to lead, my first real climbing road trip was to Smith Rock, about 6 hours to the west.  I’ve made many pilgrimages there since, including my honeymoon.  So, because of my nostalgia for the area, here’s a few videos of climbers’ exploits at Smith.

12-year old(!) Drew Ruana on Vicious Fish (5.13d) at Smith Rock

Micah and Nolan Bishop on Chain Reaction (5.12c), Toxic (5.11b), and Heresy (5.11c).

Tara Reynvaan on Times Up (5.13a/b), a classic from Smith Rock State Park, Oregon.